Coaching Reviews

Tesler Mosquito

Founder at Treaty 6ix Apparel

“Kendal has been my mentor for only 6 weeks… I started at $0 to over $30k in sales. It is important to find someone who has already done what you want to do so you can avoid problems, & with his guidance I know he has already helped me avoid a lot of them. He helps me create a clear vision that I can focus on & I am excited for the future.”

Miranda Kennedy

HR Expert and Travel Services

“I am glad I picked you as my coach! Your guidance helped me to get my business ideas off the ground and connect with the right people. You motivated me to think BIG and to pursue my dreams without hesitation!”

Brendon Grant

Managing Director at Bridging Finance Inc.

“Kendal can help you find your story, purpose and passion in life. I recommend his business coaching services to anyone looking to grow their brand and business especially in this digital environment.”

Tyra Moses

Founder at Dené Media

“Being coached by Kendal has helped me build a World-Class Brand that has streamlined to get to our goals so much faster!”

Michele Carriere

CEO of Aski Holistic Adventures

“Kendal helped me build my confidence, be smarter in business and guided me through major life changes.”

Kendra Weenie

Speaker & Author

“Kendal helped me get my business off the ground… I am now a keynote speaker and best-selling author!”

Corey Wesley, M.Sc.

Personal Trainer/Strength Coach and Owner of Juice Monkeys

“I had a business dynamo like Kendal in my corner, reducing any self-doubts I had on any entrepreneurial decisions I may have had. I highly recommend Kendal as a speaker, entrepreneurial coach and as a high quality individual.“

Kim & Scott Dolan

Authentic Brave Apparel

“The best of all was being able to have personal communication with Kendal himself. Anytime we had a question or required guidance he was extremely quick to respond and was very helpful. We highly recommend Kendal Netmaker”

Devon Fiddler

“Kendal inspired me to go for it, and showed me that with hard work, you can achieve anything. I recommend working with kendal to anyone just starting out in business or just needs a boost!”

Michael Linklater

“The support and insights I have received from Kendal allowed to connect with like minded people who are DRIVEN and dedicated to their overall betterment of personal and professional growth. My business now runs smoothly and successfully!”